Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Next Generation Viper

 The last Viper to roll off the assembly line before stopping production

As you may or may not already know Dodge has already revealed a concept of the next generation Viper to selected dealers about a week ago and, although previous comments were missing any criticism, rumors are now surfacing that the next Dodge Viper may be looking into its Italian heritage. Okay, so Dodge doesn’t exactly have an Italian background, but rumors have stated that the concept looks to have shared a face with the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizion.  Apparently, the future Viper will not only share design elements with the Italian model, but it will also be built on the same platform.
Ralph Gilles, Dodge CEO said when talking about the 2012 Viper: "We had been debating this particular nameplate for a long time, and every time I just could not get there. And then one morning the product committee went into the dome and saw it, and we all knew we were in front of something magic, unique. It took less than five minutes for the committee to fund the initiative. Not a negative comment, not a remark, not a single question. And so I leave you with this. The 17th car in the lineup, in select dealers in 2012."